Friday, January 20, 2012

Lipstick! Just do it!

Today I am thinking about lipstick.  I know, I have so many important thoughts, how do I ever settle on just one for this blog? 
I am a big fan of lipstick, and have found that the closer I get to 30, the more I need it to brighten up my face.  Does this mean I always wear it?  Ummm….no.  In fact, I hardly ever remember or take the time.  But when I do, I feel so pretty, and each time I vow to start wearing it more often. 
I am a big fan of Clinique lipsticks (when I can afford them) because they go on smooth and buttery and come in beautiful colors.  Everyone is drawn towards a different pallet, so I won’t begin to give advice on what colors to wear.  Just wear what YOU like, and don’t worry too much about what is in style or whether it matches your clothes or not.  When you find a lipstick you like, it can become sort of a trademark for you that goes with everything.  Experiment! 
“But I’m afraid of lipstick.  It bleeds and always looks too dark and I am new to this whole lipstick thing!  Help!  You are putting too much pressure on me!” says no one.  No fear!  If you are a bit lipstick shy, but want to try it anyway without wasting money on something that you will use once and then quietly lose in the back of your make up drawer, I have the perfect solution! 
Clinique offers a lipstick called “Black Honey” and I guarantee, no matter what your coloring or your style, this lipstick will look great on you.  It is slightly red/brown/ purple/sheer/pink and looks different on absolutely everyone, so you will feel special wearing it.  It feels as soft as Chap Stick, and it is fairly long lasting (for a lipstick).  It never never bleeds, so you won’t need to use a lip pencil.  “This is great news!” probably no one gasps, “Thank you for saving my lips from their embarrassing nakedness!”   But wait, there is more!    
If you do choose to buy a different shade of lipstick besides the Black Honey just for kicks, especially if you want to try (gasp!) red, a lip pencil is a must.  I know that scary images of girls in the 90’s with dark brown pencil marks around their mouths are now flashing through your head, but no no no!  Today, several brands provide clear lip liner options that keep your lipstick from budging without any line at all.  “Bless you Nicole!  Thank you for saving me from a terrible make-up malfunction!” You say?  (You are paying attention now I see, and thoroughly impressed).  You’re welcome.   
Black Honey lipstick.  Buy it I say. 

Here is a pretty awful up close photo of my lips with Clinique Black honey on them.  Soooo… enjoy that.