Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pregnancy Style: Week 31

At this late in the game, it gets harder and harder to feel even a little bit like wearing real people clothes.  PJ's are my friends.  But I admit, as usual, putting together a nice outfit always makes me feel better and more confident.  It also greatly improves the odds that I will leave the house for the day.  

So, sick of giant sack dresses (comfy as they may be), I went for this cute little black top and leggings combo this week, with my new black flats (they have sparkly bees on them!).  But the highlight of the outfit was this awesome hand-made turban headband my friend Rachel made for me.  Hint: I need more of these please!!!!  I also really love my long peacock neacklace that my sister Rachel gave me.  It added a little needed sparkle to an otherwise pretty blank canvas.  

I like this outfit a lot, and will wear all of this even after the baby is born.  Sometimes simple is best, although I don't always remember that (or really care.  I still like flashy too!).  

Headband: Hand made by Rachel Browne.  Top: Hand-me-down from Jessica Record.  Necklace: gift from Rachel Haskett.  Leggings: Etsy.  Shoes: Modcloth.