Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pregnancy Style: Sister's Tea

Admittedly, I totally failed at blogging my outfits during my pregnancy.  However, I still want to share them, so here is one of my cutest looks from those fabulous nine months.  I think this was around five months.  I thought I was huge at this point…I had no idea! 
When my sister Tati came for a visit, we went to the St James Tea Room here in Albuquerque.  My dress was from Modcloth, and not intended for pregnancy. However, it is made of a stretchy material that made it just perfect for my growing bump!  Of course, I will still wear it now that I am bump free as well!  It is a modern update to a very 1940’s look, with power sleeves and a peplum waist.  My adorable sisters were also in Modcloth. 
I am going to make my pregnancy fashion posts brief, mostly just because they are old news to me, but this dress was really too fun not to at least get a quick mention. 

Also, aren't my sisters beautiful?  Too bad my sister Darci and my brother Sully weren't here for the pics, but two out of four siblings is about as good as it gets.  We are rarely all in the same place at the same time.  

I have a few more pregnancy related posts left in me, but man!  That feels like a long time ago already.  It sure was a lovely time in my life though.