Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red hair, blue shoes

 I had just died my hair red about 20 minutes before this photo was taken.  The dress is from  I got it at a sample sale in Portland this August, for about half the price it is marked at on line, but it is worth the full price (if you can afford it). It has a beautiful, softly muted pattern that looks a bit old fashioned.  It is also lined with silky blue lining.  Did I mention it has pockets?  Lovely, well made dress.
 The teal purse was a gift from my sister.  I love it and wear it with everything. Teal is a base color for me, the way black or cream is for other people.
These vintage kitten heals are a slightly bluer teal than the bag, and the slight contrast is very pretty and interesting.  They were a gift from Rachie, and were my "something blue" for my wedding last July.

Friday, September 23, 2011

And so it begins!

Hello out there lovers of cute and casual style.  Hello tall statuesque bombshells, cute and curvy girls, and everyone in between.  If you love your healthy body as is and love to play dress up, this blog is for you!

This blog is a response to the total lack of blogs about girls who fall between the skinny mini and plus sized range of bloggers out there.  Although we find beauty in many skinny girl’s style as well as gorgeous plus sized fashionistas, we needed something in between.  We needed a blog that showcased the style of confident beautiful healthy body types.  Bodies like ours!  And our beautiful sisters! And yours!

This blog will feature the style of Rachel and Nicole, best friends and soul mates since the beginning of time. 

My (Nicole’s) stats for reference:  I’m 5’4”, somewhere between 130-140 pounds, 36D-28-40 (yes, baby does indeed have back).  I have ever changing hair, love short hair best, but am currently growing it out (for the time being).  I would describe my style as playful and girly.  I like dresses, color, and playing with clothes that have an element of retro style while still looking modern and not too costume like.  However, I will wear anything that I feel is flattering to my shape and looks like “me” no matter what anyone else might think about it.  I also like vintage heals, skinny high rise jeans, and buttery leather boots.  Ummmm….

Rachel Browne's stats:  She is 6’ 1”, a 32f (baby has "front"), 29 waist, 41 bottom. Her inseam is 34 1/2 inches.  She has strong, confident features, but she has a softness to her looks that makes her look kind and thoughtful, and makes you wish you could be her best friend.  But you can’t so stop thinking about it because she is mine.  I would describe her style is urban chic.  She loves slouchy sweaters, dolman sleeves, brown leather, and old man shoes.  She hate’s "kitten heels" and wool (because she is allergic).  She is always the most effortlessly put together looking woman in the room, and everyone’s dream shopping buddy.  She is also currently growing her hair out with me.  :)

So if you played Barbie’s and dress up into your early teens, and have grown up to realize that you are now your own Barbie with a full wardrobe of fun, this blog is for you!  If you love good food, wine, and moderate self indulgence, here we are!  If you are just an average sized girl with better than average sized style, join us in our quest to dress for fun and happiness everyday!  Enjoy!
"Not too big, not too small, just right..." -Goldie Locks.