Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red Hair

These two photos show the color better.  :)

New Haircut

Well, it looks like I failed again at growing my hair out.  Oops!

For me fashion isn't just about experimenting and having fun with clothes, it is also totally about the hair. Changing my hair is practically an addiction for me, and since I cut my own hair it is nearly impossible for me to think of a new style I want to try and not instantly reach for the scissors.

Being able to cut my own hair makes me feel awesome and brave, even when I totally screw it up and give myself a shag mullet (unfortunately this has happened).  However, I wouldn't really recommend that anyone else do it unless they are ready to deal with both the awesome, the awesomely bad, and the terrible. I just happen to be all too ready to take that challenge every time!

There are people who like long hair and people who are partial to short.  I have had my hair really long and really short, and although I really really love short hairstyles best, I have had mine short for several years now and I am ready for a change.  Plus, I already bought chopsticks to put my hair up with when it is long, so that is sort of a commitment in itself.  ;P 

So, I am back to growing my hair out even though it might be a pointless endeavor.  For now at least, I am pretty happy with the results of my last mood swing.  Like I always say, fashion is fun, and nothing to take to seriously.  Even when it comes to your hair.

P.S.- I am also back to being a red head...for now.

All photos by Nicole Osborn, on her terrible camera phone

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Day On The Town Dress

Yesterday I was on my way to Santa Fe to spend a nice day with my husband, and then I was going to see my sister in a community theater play that night here in Albuquerque (she is one of the lead characters in the play Vanities- and she was great!).  So I needed to wear something cute, but also something that I was going to be comfortable in all day since we wouldn't have time to come home and change before the play.

I had been saving this Modcloth dress for a special occasion and yesterday was the perfect day for it.  As with most of the dresses I have purchased from Modcloth, this dress hits right at my natural waist, creating that hourglass shape that is so feminine and flattering for a girl with curves.  The dress itself is lined, and made of a soft but not stretchy cotton material that makes it both light, and warm enough for a beautiful fall day like yesterday.  I love the boat neck which shows off my collar bone nicely, and the pretty little sash that ties in either the back or the front, depending on your mood.  I had it tied in the back yesterday.

My headband was from Urban Outfitters, as were my new yellow leather shoes that I just picked up on Friday. Aren't they a great touch?

Yellow UO shoes
Tie in back

I'm going to plug another blog now, so brace yourself for awesomeness.  I have been wanting yellow flats for a few years now, but I found a renewed love for them after seeing them in Lilli's blog  Rachie introduced me to this blog a few months ago and I have been hooked ever since!  Lilli is gorgeous, and her fashion sense is so cute!  I consider her blog recommended reading.  ;)

All photo's by Jeremy Osborn  
So have a great day, and don't be afraid to have fun with fashion!  This is a pretty unusual dress, but I wore it with confidence so I looked cute, not costume-y.  I got so many compliments all day long, and I hope I encouraged a few people to try something new themselves.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome Fall!

 It's October, so that means it is time to bring out the fall clothes and jackets!  Fall is the best time of year for people who love clothes, because it is when you can start wearing the boots, scarves, leggings, and all the other fun cold weather accessories.

This beautiful bright green coat was a gift from my friend and co-blogger Rachie several years ago. It is very light, and perfect for the beginning of Fall when there is just a hint of a chill in the air. The scarf is from Target and was a gift from my sister Rachel.  It is a lovely marigold color, and it is super soft.  Bright green and marigold (or it's misunderstood cousin mustard) are two of my favorite colors to wear because they are so bright and cheerful, and also because a lot of people are afraid to wear them.  I say, never be afraid of color, or standing out!   

Underneath I wore a super luxurious and soft hand-me-down shirt that is white with brown spots that I got from Rachie last time I visited her (I think from Banana Republic, but I'm not sure) as the focal point of my outfit.  I also have on dark grey leggings form Urban Outfitters, a long  pink sweater with a jeweled design in place of pockets (I always, always get compliments on this sweater!) from The Loft, and my new black leather boots from Dillard's (on sale for less than $100 last month!). 

The long shirt, leggings combo is my favorite.  The trick is to always make sure the shirt fully covers your crotch and butt (sorry to be crass) and you are good to go.  Laddies, please, please don't wear leggings as pants with a short shirt.  It is just way, way too much information!

                                                Here is a close up on my new boots.  Love! 

***P.S.-As you can see, I accidentally dyed my hair back to it's original brown again.  Oops!  I guess that is what you get when you insist on cutting and dying your own hair.  Sometimes you get some interesting results.  Hey, the girl on the box looked like her hair was red to me!  It was fun while it lasted, but also kind of nice to feel like myself again.  :)   

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Modcloth, I love you

One of my favorite places to buy dresses is Modcloth.  They specialize in retro inspired clothes, mostly dresses, which I find particularly flattering on a curvy girl like me. * I have never been disappointed by the quality or the fit of anything I have gotten from them so far, and I find their sizing incredibly consistent.  I am a medium for reference. 
Today I wanted to model two dresses that I recently purchased.  The first is a soft kaki, almost pinkish color, with black trim and print.  The contrast of the dark on light is a very sweet touch.  This fit of the dress is great because it emphasizes my waist without crushing my bust.  It is also loose around the hips, which is a flattering shape for someone with a curvy behind.   
The dress has no stretch in it because it is 100 % polyester, but it is not uncomfortable.  The band at the waist is just a tiny bit tight on me, but it is high enough up that it isn’t strangling my waist.   

                                Kaki dress from Modcloth. 

The second dress that I wanted to showcase was on super duper sale, so I tacked it on to another purchase I was making (a dress post for another day).  I’m so glad I did!  This dress is one of my favorite shapes for my body (I have a few other dresses in this style already).  Again, it shows off my waist while still having a full flowy skirt that flatters my hips and bum.  I love that the fabric is thick, and therefore forgiving.
It is a bit low cut and tight across the chest, but not so much that I had to send it back.  I did need to wear a strapless bra with it (which I hate!) because of the cut of the top, but the dress is so well fitted that it eliminated the fear that I usually have of a strapless bra being pulled down. 

                   Black dress with large, bright flower print from Modcloth. 
My only waning about Modcloth clothes is that they tend to be very short, and can sometimes be just a bit tight across the chest for me.  Also, pay attention to the user reviews.  Several have saved me from buying clothes that might have squished me, or have been too see-through.  They also can be a bit pricy, but they are well made and worth the price, especially if you wait for the sales like I do.
So there you have it.  I am a Modcloth addict!  Stay tuned for many more Modcloth dress reviews in the future.  Happy shopping! 
*Side note: They also sell awesome retro bathing suits!  I have gotten two in the past-a one piece black one for me, and a green plaid two piece with high rise bottoms for my little sister.  They were both were awesome!
                         Two very beautiful, very different dresses.  I can’t wait to wear them! 

And here I am frolicking!  Okay, silly shot, but I wanted to make sure and get one with the shoes in it!  These are leather from Urban Outfitters- I also got these on super sale and they are my comfy, cute, go-to heals.  All photos by Jennifer Maestas.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Fixer Upper

I ordered this dress (originally in white) on sale from Urban Outfitters for about 15 bucks.  But when it came in the mail, the arm openings were too large, so I tailored them to fit my body.  The dress was lovely, but after I wore it once and washed it, the colors in the pattern bleed and stained the white background.  Because I had altered the dress I couldn't send it back, so instead I bought a bottle of teal dye and viola!  The dress is even more beautiful than when I bought it.

The navy heals I  wore with the dress were from Dillard's. The Photos of me outside were taken by my husband Jeremy. 

 There are also lovely bows that tie at the back of the dress.