Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Day On The Town Dress

Yesterday I was on my way to Santa Fe to spend a nice day with my husband, and then I was going to see my sister in a community theater play that night here in Albuquerque (she is one of the lead characters in the play Vanities- and she was great!).  So I needed to wear something cute, but also something that I was going to be comfortable in all day since we wouldn't have time to come home and change before the play.

I had been saving this Modcloth dress for a special occasion and yesterday was the perfect day for it.  As with most of the dresses I have purchased from Modcloth, this dress hits right at my natural waist, creating that hourglass shape that is so feminine and flattering for a girl with curves.  The dress itself is lined, and made of a soft but not stretchy cotton material that makes it both light, and warm enough for a beautiful fall day like yesterday.  I love the boat neck which shows off my collar bone nicely, and the pretty little sash that ties in either the back or the front, depending on your mood.  I had it tied in the back yesterday.

My headband was from Urban Outfitters, as were my new yellow leather shoes that I just picked up on Friday. Aren't they a great touch?

Yellow UO shoes
Tie in back

I'm going to plug another blog now, so brace yourself for awesomeness.  I have been wanting yellow flats for a few years now, but I found a renewed love for them after seeing them in Lilli's blog  Rachie introduced me to this blog a few months ago and I have been hooked ever since!  Lilli is gorgeous, and her fashion sense is so cute!  I consider her blog recommended reading.  ;)

All photo's by Jeremy Osborn  
So have a great day, and don't be afraid to have fun with fashion!  This is a pretty unusual dress, but I wore it with confidence so I looked cute, not costume-y.  I got so many compliments all day long, and I hope I encouraged a few people to try something new themselves.

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