Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Haircut

Well, it looks like I failed again at growing my hair out.  Oops!

For me fashion isn't just about experimenting and having fun with clothes, it is also totally about the hair. Changing my hair is practically an addiction for me, and since I cut my own hair it is nearly impossible for me to think of a new style I want to try and not instantly reach for the scissors.

Being able to cut my own hair makes me feel awesome and brave, even when I totally screw it up and give myself a shag mullet (unfortunately this has happened).  However, I wouldn't really recommend that anyone else do it unless they are ready to deal with both the awesome, the awesomely bad, and the terrible. I just happen to be all too ready to take that challenge every time!

There are people who like long hair and people who are partial to short.  I have had my hair really long and really short, and although I really really love short hairstyles best, I have had mine short for several years now and I am ready for a change.  Plus, I already bought chopsticks to put my hair up with when it is long, so that is sort of a commitment in itself.  ;P 

So, I am back to growing my hair out even though it might be a pointless endeavor.  For now at least, I am pretty happy with the results of my last mood swing.  Like I always say, fashion is fun, and nothing to take to seriously.  Even when it comes to your hair.

P.S.- I am also back to being a red head...for now.

All photos by Nicole Osborn, on her terrible camera phone

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