Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pregnancy Style- Teal Appeal

I feel the need to start off this post with a confession.  90 percent of the time since I have been pregnant, I have been in PJ's or sitting around with my pants undone watching Project Runway reruns.  As much as I love love love being pregnant, it is exhausting and I haven't been feeling great.  Newsflash: Crohns still sucks! 

However, I still have my good days when I feel like my old self and manage to pull off a cute look.  Bonus points for actually putting on makeup (even if it is mostly just lip gloss and moisturizer)!  This little teal dress is another old fave, but I always thought in the back of my head that it would work wonderfully with a bump and I was right!  

This look is easy breezy, but still really shows my style and makes me feel cute without too much effort.  I am really fond of effortless fashion these days, even when I am feeling tip-top.   I'm going to be going through my wardrobe soon after this pregnancy is over and trying my best to stream-line, and this dress is absolutely staying in rotation.  As much as I hate to get rid of beautiful clothes, if they aren't getting worn they are going to have to go.  My closet space is being cut in half with the baby coming after all!

This dress was a hand-me-up from my little sister some years ago from Modcloth.  It is my Wendy dress, since it looks a lot like Wendy Darlings nightgown in Peter Pan.  I even wore it as a Wendy costume one year for Halloween!  It is also a good travel dress because it is so comfy.  I wore it to work a few weeks ago, and that is when I took these photos.  I probably wouldn't wear this dress to work if I wasn't pregnant since it is a little nightgown-ish, but pregnant ladies can do whatever they want!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pregnancy Style- The Belly and the Bow

Here I am closer to the beginning of my pregnancy, right when the bump was just starting to show.  

I have had this top for years and have blogged it before.  In fact, it may have been my very first Modcloth purchase ever!  I love it, and it still looks brand new.  I always knew it would also make a super cute pregnancy top, and I was right!  The shoes were also Modcloth; they were a Stylish Surprise actually!  The leggings are Etsy (blogged in my last post).

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pregnancy Style- Pre-Bump Fashion

Okay, so I should have blogged this as my first pregnancy style post.  Here are a few of my early pregnancy outfits.  In the first few weeks, I needed stuff that wasn't too tight on my tummy or chest, but I didn't really have a real bump yet.  This was before my morning sickness started, and I was just getting used to the idea that this whole thing was real.  

For this first outfit, I figured, I might as well be a little sexy while my boobs are this huge and my middle is still pretty small.  Haha! I've had this Urban Outfitters Dress for years-in fact, I'm pretty sure it was close to one of my first blog posts.  

And for a more casual work look, I went with Anthropologie cords and a Modcloth top.

Lastly, this Emily and Fin dress that I have had for years still works great since it has the high waist.  Don't I look so happy? :)  More posts soon!  Hopefully I will stay on this posting roll for a while so that when the baby is here and I am not getting out of my PJ's day after day I'll be able to look back and remember what real clothes can look like when you bother to wear them.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pregnancy Style- Gardening Glamour!

Here is my first installment of Pregnancy Style!  These posts won't be in any great order for a while since I need to catch up to posting photos that I have randomly captured here and there.  In fact, these are the latest fashion photos I have taken, and these were from just a few weeks ago, when I was about 13 weeks along (or so).  This was a nice day with my husband.  We were in my step-mom's garden fixing her sprinklers (well, Jer was fixing them), and the light was just right for an impromptu fashion show!

The top is from Modcloth, and can be found here.  Modcloth does not do Maternity, but I just sized up, and it works great for covering the bump!  The leggings are from Etsy and can be found here.  They are AWESOME!  I would for sure buy from this seller again.  I bought three pairs in different colors and fabrics, and I wish I could afford more!  The headband is Forever 21, and the shoes are from Urban Outfitters, both  I have had for years.  

I am actually a bit less pregnant looking today than I was in these photos since I have continued to lose weight throughout my pregnancy.  For those of you who know how sick I have been during this pregnancy, I am feeling a bit more like a person today, and hopefully that is the trend!  I'd like to stop loosing and add a bit of padding for this little guy or gal.  My next check up is next week, so I can make sure I am on a good track then.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

GAP Girl

Before I start posting my fabulous array of pregnancy style, I found these photos from a long while ago that I must have forgotten to ever post.  Not very Summer friendly, but hey, this outfit was too cute not to post!  

The burgundy velvet pants are clearly the highlight of the outfit.  I was obsessed with finding some velvet pants this year, and finally found the perfect ones at GAP.  I stocked these pants for months before they finally went on sale for, get this, $12 bucks a pair!  Of course, I ordered three pairs and waited patiently by the mailbox to find that they fit perfectly!!!  Of course, I can't fit into them right now (four months prego over here!) but hopefully they will fit again, maybe in the fall of 2016!  

Both the top and the pants were GAP.  The top I have had for years and years.  

Hopefully I'll be posting some cute bump fashion shots soon.  I've got a lot stored up when I have the time and energy to post them. Thanks for sticking with me while this blog has been a bit dormant.   :)