Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pregnancy Style- Teal Appeal

I feel the need to start off this post with a confession.  90 percent of the time since I have been pregnant, I have been in PJ's or sitting around with my pants undone watching Project Runway reruns.  As much as I love love love being pregnant, it is exhausting and I haven't been feeling great.  Newsflash: Crohns still sucks! 

However, I still have my good days when I feel like my old self and manage to pull off a cute look.  Bonus points for actually putting on makeup (even if it is mostly just lip gloss and moisturizer)!  This little teal dress is another old fave, but I always thought in the back of my head that it would work wonderfully with a bump and I was right!  

This look is easy breezy, but still really shows my style and makes me feel cute without too much effort.  I am really fond of effortless fashion these days, even when I am feeling tip-top.   I'm going to be going through my wardrobe soon after this pregnancy is over and trying my best to stream-line, and this dress is absolutely staying in rotation.  As much as I hate to get rid of beautiful clothes, if they aren't getting worn they are going to have to go.  My closet space is being cut in half with the baby coming after all!

This dress was a hand-me-up from my little sister some years ago from Modcloth.  It is my Wendy dress, since it looks a lot like Wendy Darlings nightgown in Peter Pan.  I even wore it as a Wendy costume one year for Halloween!  It is also a good travel dress because it is so comfy.  I wore it to work a few weeks ago, and that is when I took these photos.  I probably wouldn't wear this dress to work if I wasn't pregnant since it is a little nightgown-ish, but pregnant ladies can do whatever they want!

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