Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gold Crepe

Colette patterns Crepe wrap dress was one of the fist dresses I ever made.  I originally chose it for the same reason that I think many people choose a wrap dress- it is an easy started piece with no closure to sew that does not need a lining. However, I have found that this particular wrap dress is so much more than an easy first project, es specially when the right fabric is involved.

A lot of people use cotton when making this pattern, which is a fine choice.  Cotton is a safe fabric to work with when you are getting started, and has a nice drape for a skirt like this one.  However, I find that a stiffer fabric works best for this particular wrap dress for a few reasons.  One, it completely changes the silhouette of the dress making it a bit more interesting, two, it allows for a more fitted bodice as this dress wraps in the back for a more vintage feel, and three, the puffed sleeve detail stands up so much more nicely with a heavy fabric than a floppy cotton.  Using a substantial fabric choice takes this dress from beginner sewest to expert seamstress without too much more effort. Of course, if you do bother to use an expensive fabric like this one, you sure as hell better take your time and use as many details as you can on both the inside and the outside to make your dress as close to perfection as possible.

The fabric I used was a gold brocade, and believe it or not, I only had two yards to work with!  I chose this pattern specifically to use with this fabric because I needed something that I knew would make a great finished product since this fabric was supper-duper expensive (like $25 a yard!!!) and high quality.  I try to always use tried-and-true simple patterns when working with very expensive fabric because I like a simple shape to show off the material, and also there is less chance of butchering it.



Sleeve detail
I love how this dress turned out!  I used bias tape on the inside and really took my time to make this dress one that would last in my wardrobe for years to come.  I think it looks gorgeous (yes, I am as modest as ever)!  The only changes I made to the pattern were to shorten the waist so the dress would fit me while I am prego as well as after, to shorten the dress itself to help it to keep a less draped and more stiff shape, and to shorten the belt out of necessity (again- only two yards used!).  Even though I was sort of forced to shorten the belt, I actually really like how it ties in the front, giving the dress an even more Asian feel.

I have so many dresses that I have made and never posted and I am going to do my best to post them this year while I am prego and not feeling overly inspired to sew.  Hopefully with this dress I am getting my mojo back though because I have a lot of ideas-if not the ambition to put them together.

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