Friday, August 29, 2014

Pregnancy and Beyond

I am having a lot of fun creating new looks to wear now that I pretty big and aproaching my 24th week of pregnancy, but I hate to think that I am spending time and money on projects that I will have to scrap after the bump is gone.

That is why I have been trying to make a lot of shift dresses that will transition nicely, as well as other flowy items that I can wear before and after little Nora is here.  I think my style will evolve naturally to a more ethereal look for the day-to-day once I am a mom, just based on what I am buying and making now, and also what will be most comfortable and flattering as I get used to my new body-after-baby.  And oh boy is my body changing and the baby weight coming on now that I am in my second trimester!!!  I can't believe how hungry I am, and how big the bump has gotten.  I'm all about loving my body at every size, and honestly I think I look pretty cute, but it is a change!  I promise pics soon.  :)

But while shifts are fun and easy to make, they can get a little tiresome.  Enter this funky little dress that I made out of linen in only a few hours (no closures! Unlined!).  I made it out of a variation of the Laurel pattern by Colette.  Seriously, if you only buy one pattern ever, buy this one.  It is extremely easy to make, versatile, and perfect for almost any fabric choice.  Anyway...I added the funky little drop skirt for a little different look.  I also added pockets!

But I admit, this dress is a bit wide for me to wear once I have a waist again.  The fix?  I plan on adding darts to both the front and back, and adding a side zipper, once I don't need the extra room any more.  Smart, right?  I am trying to think of little of way I can slightly alter pregnancy clothes to be a bit more flattering post bump.  For most items, a simple belt should do the trick, but I love my darts idea for this one.  I hope it works!!!

Just for fun, some Laurel's from the past.  I will make so many more in the future!!!

Silk (I still need to properly blog about this dress, and the fabulous necklace that goes with it!)
Brocade (this one was more Laurel- inspired than actual Laurel pattern) 
Simple cotton

 And my favorite vintage drop-waist dress!  I hope mine comes out half so well.

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