Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tea for Three

This is my darling friend Jenn and her awesome man friend Kaleb.  They came over for a tea party at my house a few weeks ago and Jenn just happened to be wearing a dress I made!  Yay!!!  Yes I have random tea parties at my house.  Don't you?

I made this dress for myself a few years ago but it quickly became way too small, so it needed a new home but I liked it so much, it was hard for me to let go of!

I really love the print of this cotton dress, and really, I should have always known how perfect the colors would have been next to Jenn's beautiful red hair.  I am so happy this dress found a loving home, because I really really like it, and there was no way it was ever ever going to fit on me again! It was living a sad unworn life inside of my closet for too long.

My friends often shop-my-closet, and I love it.  I love sharing clothes, as long as people will really wear them.  I don't have a lot of friends who are my size anymore (pre-pregnancy of course) so I don't get to share as much as I used to, but once in a while it works out.  I would much rather share than sell things that don't fit, and I don't keep things around that don't work on my body.

Don't forget, clothes are meant to fit YOU, not the other way around.  I don't believe in hanging onto "inspirational" pieces that make you wish you were small enough to wear them, although doing just that used to be a bad habit of mine many years ago.  It can be very tempting to hang onto something you once loved thinking that your body should be a different size and if you could only get there you could wear your treasured item again, but that is a nasty trap.  If you let yourself think that way, over time your closet becomes a coffin of clothes that make you feel like you aren't quite good enough.  It can also make your wardrobe so full and scattered with pieces that don't fit that you can have hundreds of things and feel as if you have nothing to wear!  The clothes that make you feel good and fit you perfectly simply get buried in the mass of items that make you feel sad and bad about yourself.  Celebrate the body you have and figure out what makes it look beautiful and you will live a much happier, fulfilling life. This is actually a very important part of my style philosophy.

Anyway, back to lovely Jenn.  Isn't she cute?  Thanks for the lovely modeling Jenn and Kaleb, and please come to tea again soon!

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