Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pregnancy Style- Gardening Glamour!

Here is my first installment of Pregnancy Style!  These posts won't be in any great order for a while since I need to catch up to posting photos that I have randomly captured here and there.  In fact, these are the latest fashion photos I have taken, and these were from just a few weeks ago, when I was about 13 weeks along (or so).  This was a nice day with my husband.  We were in my step-mom's garden fixing her sprinklers (well, Jer was fixing them), and the light was just right for an impromptu fashion show!

The top is from Modcloth, and can be found here.  Modcloth does not do Maternity, but I just sized up, and it works great for covering the bump!  The leggings are from Etsy and can be found here.  They are AWESOME!  I would for sure buy from this seller again.  I bought three pairs in different colors and fabrics, and I wish I could afford more!  The headband is Forever 21, and the shoes are from Urban Outfitters, both  I have had for years.  

I am actually a bit less pregnant looking today than I was in these photos since I have continued to lose weight throughout my pregnancy.  For those of you who know how sick I have been during this pregnancy, I am feeling a bit more like a person today, and hopefully that is the trend!  I'd like to stop loosing and add a bit of padding for this little guy or gal.  My next check up is next week, so I can make sure I am on a good track then.

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