Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Modcloth, I love you

One of my favorite places to buy dresses is Modcloth.  They specialize in retro inspired clothes, mostly dresses, which I find particularly flattering on a curvy girl like me. * I have never been disappointed by the quality or the fit of anything I have gotten from them so far, and I find their sizing incredibly consistent.  I am a medium for reference. 
Today I wanted to model two dresses that I recently purchased.  The first is a soft kaki, almost pinkish color, with black trim and print.  The contrast of the dark on light is a very sweet touch.  This fit of the dress is great because it emphasizes my waist without crushing my bust.  It is also loose around the hips, which is a flattering shape for someone with a curvy behind.   
The dress has no stretch in it because it is 100 % polyester, but it is not uncomfortable.  The band at the waist is just a tiny bit tight on me, but it is high enough up that it isn’t strangling my waist.   

                                Kaki dress from Modcloth. 

The second dress that I wanted to showcase was on super duper sale, so I tacked it on to another purchase I was making (a dress post for another day).  I’m so glad I did!  This dress is one of my favorite shapes for my body (I have a few other dresses in this style already).  Again, it shows off my waist while still having a full flowy skirt that flatters my hips and bum.  I love that the fabric is thick, and therefore forgiving.
It is a bit low cut and tight across the chest, but not so much that I had to send it back.  I did need to wear a strapless bra with it (which I hate!) because of the cut of the top, but the dress is so well fitted that it eliminated the fear that I usually have of a strapless bra being pulled down. 

                   Black dress with large, bright flower print from Modcloth. 
My only waning about Modcloth clothes is that they tend to be very short, and can sometimes be just a bit tight across the chest for me.  Also, pay attention to the user reviews.  Several have saved me from buying clothes that might have squished me, or have been too see-through.  They also can be a bit pricy, but they are well made and worth the price, especially if you wait for the sales like I do.
So there you have it.  I am a Modcloth addict!  Stay tuned for many more Modcloth dress reviews in the future.  Happy shopping! 
*Side note: They also sell awesome retro bathing suits!  I have gotten two in the past-a one piece black one for me, and a green plaid two piece with high rise bottoms for my little sister.  They were both were awesome!
                         Two very beautiful, very different dresses.  I can’t wait to wear them! 

And here I am frolicking!  Okay, silly shot, but I wanted to make sure and get one with the shoes in it!  These are leather from Urban Outfitters- I also got these on super sale and they are my comfy, cute, go-to heals.  All photos by Jennifer Maestas.

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