Thursday, December 1, 2011

My next haircut

I have loved short hair on women ever since I aw Audrey Hepburn get the chop in Roman Holiday...

...and then again in Sabrina.  

Ever since the flappers announced their independence by cutting off their curls in the 1920's, short hair on women has represented elegance, freedom from conformity, and the height of fashion.

I'll admit, I think that I am probably more beautiful when I have long hair, but I feel more special and unique when my hair is short.  Dare I even After all, I live in a state where every girl I see has hair way past their shoulders.  I like to stand out!

So, it looks like I am going to fail at growing it out again, and get the chop Audrey style just as soon as I can afford to get it done (and as soon as I get up the nerve to make the commitment).

I've even already got my hair inspiration all picked out- exhibit A: Ginnifer Goodwin's cute crop.  Plus, she and I have a similar face shape and hair type, so I think this cut will work well on me as well.  Pretty darn cute, right? :)

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No disrespect to my long haired friends- your hair is gorgeous-and so you!  I just can't stop wishing for a pixie, and I'm not very good a waiting for what I want!  Let the count down begin...any bets on how long I can wait?  ;)


  1. I definitely knew this would happen and my favorite is the Roman Holiday-Audrey!

  2. Haha! Noted. Love you Jenn, and your beautiful long red hair!!!

  3. I really like you with short hair. Gorgeous.

  4. Aww thanks! That is nice to hear. :)