Monday, February 11, 2013

Chic and Simple Sewing Revisited

I first reviewed this book last year here: Chic and Simple Sewing, and boy was I harsh!  While I still agree that the lack of sizes and confusing directions keep this book from being perfect, I have actually found the patterns to be wonderful and useful.  I want to make everything in this book and I find the patterns easily adaptable and wearable.  I love the fact that nothing in this book requires buttons or zippers, and each project can be finished in a matter of hours and look perfectly lovely. 
Right now, I am working on this dress from the book.

 I got this crazy fabric on sale, and thought it would be perfect for a simple dress like this.  I added interfacing to the collar even though it didn't call for it, and I am glad I did.  Without the belt, I’ll admit that the dress looks like a weird 1970’s moo-moo, but with the belt, it looks modern and cute.  I’m still not convinced that it will be the best shape ever for my body type, but I’ll just have to see how it looks when it is finished.  I would also love to make this dress in a thick, warm plaid fabric someday.  Ahhh!  Too many project ideas in my head, not enough time or fabric to make them all! 
Before I start a new project, I draw what I hope it will look like to help me visualize it.  Here is the mock up for this dress. 

I also want to make a little skirt and jacket combo, but that project is for another day. 

I'll post more pictures when the dress is done.  Hopefully the finished product will be as cute on me as it is in my head! 

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