Friday, February 21, 2014

Brocade, lace, and ribbons on my shoes

Keeping with the pants theme, this is what I wore on a date with my hubby a few weeks ago.

I love love love these brocade pants I got on sale from Anthropologie. My husband works in Santa Fe some weekends, and I go with him and have a shopping day while he works, and then we meet up for a dinner date. I felt so adorable walking around Santa Fe in this little outfit. It kind of reminded me of a modern twist on a Victorian look. The shoes and pants were both Antropologie, the lace top was modcloth. The cute necklace and earing set was a gift from my sister Rachel. Does she know me or what??? So cute. What I love most about this outfit is how well it represents me, even though it is not a dress. I like finding a way to show off my personal style in a new and interesting way.

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