Saturday, March 28, 2015

I’m Back!

Oh my.  I had so many great intentions to blog about my pregnancy style every week, but alas, being pregnant ended up being enough of a challenge on its own without trying to document it as well.  

However, I still plan on doing some brief pregnancy style posts, since I did make the effort to dress up from time to time, and managed to look pretty dang hot, bump and all (if I do say so myself)!
But enough about me…baby Osborn is here!!!  Sonora Evangeline Osborn was born around 4:00PM on Dec 26, 2014.  She was almost nine pounds of perfectness right from the start.  Just look at how beautiful!
Seconds after she was born.  

Just a few weeks old. 
Six weeks old.
Eight weeks old.
Eight weeks old, and already a diva.  
Nine weeks old and full of smiles!

12 weeks

As for me, I am ready to start blogging again, although my posts might be a little random for a while.  I am happy to report that being a new mom has not taken away from my love of fashion, sewing or creatively expressing myself one bit.  My style has changed a tad though, mostly out of necessity.  Wearing dresses has become a major pain while breast feeding, making pants and tops a lot more important to my everyday wardrobe than they have been in years.  Being a dress girl for years, this is a little hard for me to navigate, but I am having fun with it. 

Beyond fashion, I will say that motherhood has given me a whole new appreciation for my body that I can’t wait to blog about soon as well.  I am excited to start sharing my fashion, sewing projects and thoughts as I explore my new life as a mother of the most amazing little girl in the whole world.  In the meantime, happy Saturday everyone!  

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