Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Butterick B5949- Trying something new

To be perfectly honest, I don't really like learning new things.  I like having new information, but mostly I just like already being good at things without having to spend very much time trying to figure out how to be good at them.

As you may guess, not liking to have to learn anything does not make it easy for me to get too excited about trying a new pattern, or mastering a new skill even as simple as using a different type of stitch on my sewing machine.  But, I do love buying new patterns and imagining that one day I will use them.  I like picturing my new clothes, hand made by me.  That is the fun part.

Still, sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do if we want a certain result.  It's all part of being a grown up.  Seriously folks, doing things you don't want to do and learning to like coffee and wine are pretty much the highlights of adult hood.  Know it, own it, except it.  So, with a heavy heart I forced myself to brave the unknown and begin Butterick pattern B5949 for the first ever time.

This pattern is marked as "Easy" which isn't a total lie.  I'm sure if you were a more experienced seamstress than I, you would have no trouble putting this pattern together.  Even though the pattern pieces looked like the physical embodiment of gibberish to me when I cut them out, I have to admit the pattern has come together much easier than I thought it would; so far at least.

That is not to say that I haven't already made some pretty blaring mistakes (the sleeves are on the wrong sides, and somehow I ended up needing an extra pleat on the front for example), but I am starting to lose some of my dread for the project as I go.  Hopefully, things will continue to go well and I will have a finished dress by the weekend, and even better yet, it may even fit me.  But in any case, I am glad that I am giving it a real try and forcing myself to learn some new skills even though I hate it. I just keep telling myself that once I learn this pattern, I can use it a few more times before I have to learn something new again, and that thought gives me comfort in this dark and trying time.

A quick word about this pattern:  It is super versatile!  Assuming I actually complete it and it doesn't look awful, I will certainly attempt some of the other versions of this pattern.  As you can see from the pattern envelope, it doesn't just give you one new dress option, it gives you four pretty different ones!  I love when patterns give you several choices.  It makes it easier to learn less and get more.  Yay!

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