Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Color Blocking

 As I have mentioned before, fall fashion is my favorite!  Truth be told, I’ve never been the best at layering, but cardigans are an easy fix for the layering-challenged. 

This is a pretty typical fall look for me.  My fall dress code =dress, cardi, leggings and boots.  Voila, totally cute.  I might add a scarf or a belt if I am being really creative.
My typical fall hair, when my hair is mid length, is pigtails, simply because I can style my hair while it is still wet.  I used to think that mid length hair was so boring, but lately I have been able to be totally creative with it!  It is practically a new style every day!

So, here I am color-blocking like a boss.  This dress is pretty awesome, and you can find it here on Modcloth.  I've had this dress for a couple years now, and I would love to have it in another color someday.  The cardi was a hand me down, and the boots I have had for years.

I hope everyone is well  and that you are having fun getting ready for the holidays.  I know I am!!!

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