Monday, April 6, 2015

Crazy Hat Day

This post is all about the hat.  My awesome friend Tiffani made me this hat for my birthday and I have already worn it three times!

This photo is actually from a different day when I wore a different mint colored shirt.

I decided that this purple hat looks pretty amazing with mint, and lucky me, I have a lot of mint in my wardrobe! This top was a Modcloth purchase from way back, and the jeans are even older GAP boyfriend jeans. The shoes are simple leather pumps from Dillard's.  But it's all about the hat, right?

You can see more of Tiffani's creations at her Etsy site here: Lovelymuggle
The cute little bug pin on the hat was a gift from my sister Rachel.  Darling, right?

I am a hat girl from way back, but often forget to accessorize when I am running out the door.  Hopefully this will be the year I remember to bust out my lovely jewelry, scarves, belts and hat collections more regularly. I smell a self made challenge!

Speaking of self made, Me-Made-May is almost upon us again.  Me-Made-May is when those of us in the crafting/ blogging world try to wear one hand made item every day in the month of May.  I am really going to try to accomplish it this year, but we shall see!  It might be a little more challenging than it is worth while breastfeeding since it is harder to wear my dresses.

And just 'cause I like you guys-here's one of Sonora just being awesome!  Have a great one.  :)

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