Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Welcome Back Style!

Boy does time fly when you have a new baby!  I know it's time to blog about Spring clothes, but today I wanted to do a simple outfit post from a few months back since I hadn't made the time to blog about it before.

This was one of my first outfits that I wore after I had my baby that really represented me, rather than just pajama pants and whatever top currently fit me.  I was still in the process losing my baby belly, and my boobs were still insane, but I was feeling pretty confident and ready to go out in the world and show off my little girl.  I wore my velvet pants from GAP, along with a black top with a gold collar that I have had for a few years from Modcloth.  I also wore my tallest heals and a statement necklace because I was feeling really ready to have a little fun with fashion again.

Up next: more post baby fashion fun.  Blog to you soon!

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