Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vintage pattern

I used a vintage 1950's pattern I got from Etsy to make this dress.  It turned out pretty well, even though I was too lazy to read all of the directions!  The bow is a little pin I made.  :)

I bought some 1930's and 1940's patterns too, but it turned out that they were way above my skill level.  Oh well.  They have kept this long, guess they can keep for a few more years while I improve.  :)

Here are a few other projects I have been working on using scrap material.  I didn't want to write a whole post about them, but I did want to quickly share some photos.  

Muslin for Iris shorts (with pockets!):  

I couldn't figure out the waist band at all.  Maybe my next pair will have one.  

Fully lined top (my sister Rachel made that cute pin!):

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