Friday, August 31, 2012

Part One: The Summer Day Dress/ the Rut Continues

I am about to take a much needed weekend trip after work today, and I couldn’t be happier to get away for a few days!  I have blogged about this dress, hat, and even shoes before, but I really loved how they look together on this lovely before-a-three-day-weekend summer day. 
This Hazel dress is really a dream to wear, and it was also lovely to sew.  It is one of my favorite dresses that I have made so far because it has stood up better than some, I think because I used better fabric for it.  Also, the seams are bound with protective bias tape, and I really took my time on this one and followed all of the boring steps I may have skipped on some others.  Wearing it today is kind of reminding me that if I take a little more time with a project, it really does pay off. 
Although I have a lot of half started projects on my sewing table (too many to admit to), I have been completely uninspired by my latest creations.  I blame the little French Wiggle Dress, which looks beautiful on, but is so tight that I never ever want to really wear it.  Also, even after alterations, I still don’t like how the darts came out around my bum (maybe I will add a bustle to cover the problem?  Hummm….).  The one exception to my recent sewing woes is a beautiful navy and white polka dot dress that I made for my sister Tati that turned out beautifully.  I really made it for myself, but decided to give it to her while she was visiting, and it looked so cute on her!  I am hoping she will take a few pics at home that I can post here at some point. 
In an effort to rekindle my passion for sewing, I recently got a new Collette pattern that I haven’t had time to use, and then out of the blue, my friend Kimmi bought me some beautiful fabric that I can use with it!  So maybe that will get me out of my rut.
I also purchased this beautiful book several months ago, and it came in the mail last week.  I am not quite sure I am ready for some of the advanced patterns in the book, but I am getting inspired by just how beautiful the photos of the finished products are that I might just give one or two a try anyway. 
I have been reading Gerite’s blog at: for some time now, and I highly recommend it, not just for seamstresses, but really anyone that is interested in fashion or body image too.  I don’t agree with every point she makes (not really buying the idea of wearing corsets as a feminist rebellion, but she makes an interesting case anyway), but I still like reading what she has to say.  She is just beautiful, cute, and just plain fun to look at, and she is a good writer to boot!  not to mention the to die for dresses she features.  Just amazing and inspiring.  I am doing more reading about sewing lately, then actually sewing, but that can be worth while too.  You can't learn if you don't get inspired!   
So, what do you think?  Don’t I look ready for a great warm weekend?  :)  Maybe I’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle some new projects when I get back from my trip. 

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