Friday, August 10, 2012

Sins of Fashion

We all commit them from time to time.  And just like any other so-called sin, what is and what isn’t fashion blasphemy is widely debatable.  What I consider to be my fashion sins are almost all born out of my extreme laziness in my everyday life leaking all over my sense of style.  Not acceptable! 
I find that a lot of the things that I do and do not fuss over can appear contradictory.  Although I obsess over clothes and hairstyles I love, I also consider myself relatively low maintenance which can be kind of opposing elements.  I don’t like to take too much time to get ready in the morning, or even on the rare occasion when I go out.  I like make-up, jewelry and accessories, but I don’t tend to think of them as necessary for every day, even though I do view a well put together outfit as completely vital.
My poor hair gets the most attention since I love to try new things with it, but I seriously cannot stand to blow dry it or use heat products on it, especially when it is short, so I leave the house each morning with wet hair and hope for the best.  But lately, I have been committing an even worse fashion sin then letting the world see my wet stringy hair- I have not been adding tonner after I bleach it.  Yikes.  I think maybe I have a slightly off-mark gauge of what I can and cannot get away with, and I blame my loving husband for that.  It’s his fault, I swear, because he has made me believe that I look great no matter what.  However, no one looks “great” with bright yellow hair, no matter how you style it. 
My other worst fashion sins include: not caring enough about whether or not my bra strap shows (hey!  I always wear pretty bras at least!), leaving the house in rumpled clothes (I don’t even own an iron), and wearing the same pair of beat up teal shoes every single day no matter what I am wearing (I love them and they are so comfy!). 
Inspired to try harder, I still left for work this morning in a wrinkled dress and the offending teal shoes, but I also brought in my bag a pair of beautiful vintage heals to slip into once I got into the office.  It is the second day in a row that I have forced myself into heals, and I already feel my confidence rising! 
From this...
To this!  :)
Secondly, lucky me, I recently found a shampoo that actually has tonner in it!  I tried it for the first time today with awesome results.  Laziness has won, but I can still look great!  Yay!  Here are some photos of me at work today looking awesome with nicely toned hair color (so modest, I know). 

Also, I made this dress!  I still need to blog about it some day.  :)
The truth is I like wearing nice clothes, but I also like being unfussy with my looks and generally assuming that my confidence will help me pull off whatever choice I have made.  I don’t want to obsess about every single line in my dress any more than I want to agenize over the ones that appear on my face.  Still, there is a fine line between being relaxed and giving up on yourself, and I refuse to do that ever!  Like I always say, fashion is not important, it is for fun.  Period.  But isn’t it a tad more fun to like what you see in the mirror each day?  I think so.  It takes roughly the same amount of time to dress down as it does to dress up, so why not put in just that little extra effort to do the things that make you feel the best about yourself?  For me, that is never going to include foundation, but it may (occasionally) include foundation underwear.  I can’t make myself fret over a peek of bra, but underwear lines are not meant to be crossed. 
So what do you consider your worst fashion sins?  Which ones do you accept about yourself, and which ones do you aim to change? 
When it comes to fashion, remember to be brave and never ask for permission!  Your confidence is the most beautiful thing that you will wear today. 

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