Friday, August 31, 2012

Part two: The Summer Day Makeup/ Bleached Hair

Today, inspired by my sister Tati who just visited me last week and actually knows how to apply eye liner without fear; I actually took some time on my makeup!  Yay!
So, I know I have blooged before about my love/ hate relationship with makeup.  For the most part, I am just too lazy for it, but I also just really don’t like to have too much dirt (read: foundation) on my skin.  Solution?  Tinted moisturizer.  I actually use this stuff every day, mixed with a little extra lotion (yes, I really am that pale).  I love how it gives me an even skin tone without covering up my freckles or my rosy cheeks.  I want to look like me, only the best me possible.  Shouldn’t that be the point of makeup after all?  Other than that, I usually use a bit of brown eye shadow and some cheek tint and call it a day. 
But today I went extra glam (for me, anyway).  I not only wore mascara, I and even put on eyeliner!  I really like how eyeliner looks but I don’t like having to look in the mirror all day to make sure it isn’t smudged (again, lazy).  Then I wore my favorite lipstick; Black Honey by Clinique; and I was fully made up. 
I still don’t want to have to do this every day, but I have to admit that I do look quite lovely today. 
Here is a list of the products I used today in case you are so inspired that you want to try to look just like me (who wouldn’t really?  ;P ).
-Benefits lip and cheek tint- lovely, long lasting product
-Clinique black honey lipstick
-Bare Minerals primer- An extra step, but it really does make your makeup last longer and look better.   I also love their powder for winter when my skin needs some brightening.   
-Bare Minerals thickening mascara- for extra glam lashes use their lengthening mascara under their thickening mascara.  It is too much for every day, but looks awesome for a night out. 
-Bare Minerals “pussycat” brown loose powder.  Apply lightly with a brush, or your finger tip.
*Note:  I also love Victoria’s secret eye shadows, especially their shimmery browns.  You can apply them nicely with just a fingertip. 
-Tinted moisturizer- I use the Proactive brand mixed with Proactive lotion.  I also use their face wash products. 

Finished face-see? You can see my freckles through the makeup! 

 Next, in case you are keeping up with the saga of my bleached hair, my hair looks awesome today.  I first bleached it in June.  Who would have thought I would keep it blond for this long??? Not me.  And I’m still not sick of it! 

Today, my hair looks just the way I like, also due to a momentary lapse in my usual laziness. I have been putting off bleaching my roots because I do it myself and it is hard to get the back of my head while keeping the bleach only on my roots and keeping it off of the already lightened part (this is to avoid over-bleaching and breakage).  So, I have been touching up my roots with blond dye instead because I don’t have to worry about it touching the rest of my hair.  This has resulted in not so great (orange- ish) roots.  But, out of bleach-disaster fear, I have pretended that this is okay and not bleached over it.  Finally, after dying my roots a pretty horrible color, I couldn’t take it anymore and took the time to touch up with bleach.  It was really a challenge because I don’t want to risk breaking my hair, but it was worth it.  Then I finished up with toner to get the white shade that I like.   Maybe I need a partner to help me next time.  Also, I could afford to wait a bit longer between touch ups.  I actually don’t mind having roots once they are about an inch long, because I think they look sort of dingy and cool.  But before that point, they just drive me crazy.  Let’s see if I can go at least three weeks!   That will be my new challenge!  That I will most likely fail at.  Pretty much guaranteed.  So never mind. 

Have a great weekend everyone, and wear sunscreen if you go outside!  :)

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