Friday, May 24, 2013

Butterick B5813: My NY Wardrobe Reveled!

My husband Jeremy and I recently visited his sister Willow in Manhattan for five days and we had an awesome trip!  Highlights included: eating wonderful food, walking around Central Park in the rain, walking the High Line and of course buying new fabric in the garment district.   

Before the trip, I decided to make myself a whole New NY wardrobe so that I could be fancy while I was on vacation.  Had this been a more authentic NY wardrobe, I really should have made everything in black and grey, but I digress.  Alas, many of the photos I took of the trip were deleted when my phone unexpectedly self-destructed, so I didn't get photos of every outfit.  But I will share the photos that did survive, starting with:  
Butterick pattern B5813.  I LOVE this pattern!  I made two dresses (the pink one will be featured in my next post) and one top (which will sadly have to be posted the next time I wear it since all photos of it were destroyed). 
This green version is fully lined, and I left the collar off.  It turned out so beautifully, and I am especially proud of it because of how many alterations had to be made in order to make this pattern work.  Again I say, patterns are sized so oddly with way too much ease!  I had to size this dress down so so much, and take off a lot of the length to make it fit right.  I am also proud to say that I am now a pro at the full bust adjustment, which makes a huge difference in the fit of my dresses. 
Isn't this dress just so delightful?  I am really really proud of myself on this one.  As a side note, I would have worn different shoes, but by this point in my trip, my feet were a total mess and needed a break!   
Stay tuned for version two- in which I was able to use my altered pattern to make a really pretty and different version of this dress.  Yay!!!


  1. Very pretty - it looks like the dress fits well! Your trip photos are great, glad you had a good time.

  2. Beautiful. I think you should start a sewing club so I can join and learn from you!

    1. Awww, thanks Stevie! I'd be happy to teach you a few things, but I'm not a very good teacher. I'd love to have a sewing club though! :)