Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Me-Made-May: My first Sewing Challenge!

Me-made-May is a challenge for home sewests (or people who make their own clothes) to challenge themselves to wear one hand made (by them) piece of clothing per day every day in May.  Last May I had only been sewing for one month so this challenge wouldn't have been very practical, but this year, I have more than a month’s worth of handmade dresses, skirts, shirts and even pants to choose from. 
Yes, I already wear a lot of my hand made pieces, but I also have a bad habit of making something and then simply hanging it up and starting on my next project.  I am just too fickle/ have too many projects going at once/ get too excited about the next thing to really take the time to admire my creations.  Sometimes I don’t even try the things I make on right away because I want to bask in the idea that I finished something and don’t really want to know if it doesn't look great on me. 
So, my challenge will be to see what I actually like to wear out of my handmade creations, and find new, more loving homes for anything that I just can’t get excited about actually wearing, no matter how well made it is, how expensive the fabric was, or how hard it was to make.
This challenge comes at the perfect time because I have been sewing like crazy lately to get ready for my first trip ever to New York next week.  I wanted to make myself a whole new wardrobe for the trip, and if I sew my butt off for the next week and bang out two more dresses, I’ll be able to.  Not only will I be wearing a handmade piece every day in May, I will also be wearing all new pieces that I have never worn before for the week that I am in New York (with the exception of one top that I have worn once, but it just looks too cute with my new jeans not to include it-see last post). 
Besides making sure to wear my hand made pieces in an effort to sort out which ones I will just never, never wear, I am also declaring May my selfless sewing month.  That means, I will finally get to some projects that I have promised others I would make for them rather than continually sewing more and more clothes for myself.  This will be extremely difficult as I just got a ton of new patterns that I am itching to try FOR ME! and I will have to put them aside temporarily.  Boo to that, yay for sewing for friends!  So there you have it!  I've joined my first sewing challenge!  Yay for me! 


  1. It's brave to do MMM during a trip! It's my first time doing MMM too, and I'm a bit nervous...

    1. It's harder than I thought already Kelly! I was outside all morning for a work event, and planning what handmade item to wear for the day was rough! I think the trip will be easy since I have been making clothes specifically for it, but we'll see. I'm glad I have another first timer buddy on this! I think it will be a fun challenge. :)