Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Growing out the pixie- month # 6

I can't beleive I have been doing this for six months and my hair is still so short!!!
The saddest part of growing out your hair is having to trim it every once in a while so that you don’t end up with a mullet or weird spots.  I just had to trim off the last back layer so that my hair should grow out more evenly from now on (yay!), but now everyone keeps telling me how short my hair looks (boo!).  Basically, I had no choice but to trim it because while this side had grown out evenly…
This side had not, and it looked like there were holes in my hair. 
That is the risk you take when you cut a short pixie, because basically what you do is just cut random chunks out of your hair all over your head (or at least that is what I do).  It looks cute when it is short, but it is none too surprising that it doesn’t grow out super evenly.  These were all taken after I trimmed my hair in mid-May, oldest to newest. 

 These were from yesterday:

Growing out your hair is such a long process, with one step forward and two steps back each time I have to even it out, no wonder I can never get through it!  On the bright side, I shouldn’t have to trim it drastically again since it is finally even and by the end of summer it should be long enough to at least put it in little pig tails, and maybe even a tiny pony tail.  By December it should be longer than I have had it in about five years!  Wow!  I’m getting excited about that, but it is going to feel like a long wait. 
The hardest thing I had to deal with this month hair wise was watching The Great Gatsby and seeing all of those great bobs and cute short bangs!  It nearly killed me not being able to go home and cut my hair, but I resisted.  I LOVE 1920’s STYLE BOBBED HAIR, but luckily right now my hair is basically a modern bob (not quite the same as the shorter flapper bob, but close enough), so I can sort of pretend.  The best part of growing out a pixie (there are good things too!) is that you get to try a few other hair styles along the way, and if you are creative, you can have some fun before it is really long again.  I must say, I am really liking the long bangs, either when I can wear them as bangs, or when I can get them off of my face.  In another month I’ll have to decide if I am keeping them or growing them out, but for now I can play a bit. Cute right?  ;)
Here is a photo from the longest my hair has ever been in the last five years (it was down my back before that) just to show how little will power I have.  I cut it pretty soon after this photo was taken.  I have a bit more faith this time, but honestly, for me, this is so so long!  Haha. 

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