Monday, November 28, 2011

All About Leggings: Part One

First of all, I love leggings! 
Since I feel that dresses look better on my curvy body type than pants, I needed a way to continue to wear my dresses year round.  Leggings are the perfect solution to the problem, allowing my legs to stay warm while I stay stylish and cute during the fall and winter months. 
Leggings are also a great choice for anyone who wants to try wearing dresses casually (not just for dressing up) and doesn’t want to feel like they are being too precious or fancy. 
I also like to wear leggings as they are a quick way to cover panty lines under a dress.  During the spring and summer, I usually have a pair of cut off leggings hiding under my dresses for this very reason, and also because I live in a very windy state and don’t want to worry about my skirt blowing up. 
The leggings in all three of these photos are actually part leggings, part tights.  I got them at Fred Myers one year while I was visiting my parents in Alaska.  They are awesome because they are thick, the feet are cut out making them more comfortable than regular tights, and they were happily made with enough room for even my big ol’ booty. 
Tip:  I know a lot of people are afraid of pants and leggings that aren’t super low waisted, but a slightly higher rise really can be more flattering than low rise if you chose well. First of all, look for mid-rise not high-rise to avoid the dreaded mom jeans look.  Mid-rise pants eliminate muffin top and create a nice smooth line.  Mid-rise leggings also eliminate the side fat that gets pushed into creating a lumpy silhouette under dresses and long shirts. 
Side note: If you have more narrow hips or a small bum, low rise might be more suited for you.  Just don’t go so low that you can’t even bend down without feeling uncomfortable or giving the people standing behind you a show.  Even so, even skinny girls get lumps from their leggings if the elastic is too tight, so I recommend mid to high-rise tights and leggings for everyone, no matter your shape or size. 
This concludes part one of All About Leggings.  Stay tuned for part two, complete with a photo shoot from my favorite photographer Jenn (sorry honey)! 

I have had this dress for years, and I still love it!  Dress: Limited, shoes Dillard’s, Legging tights: Fred Myers.  Photo by Jeremy Osborn. 

Yes, I am a fancy lady.  Photo by Jeremy Osborn. 

I wish that I had a better picture of this dress, because it is beautiful.  Maybe in a future post.  Dress: Modcloth, shoes: Dillard’s, legging tights: Fred Myers.  Photo by Jeremy Osborn.

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