Monday, November 14, 2011

I Agree with Garfield

Shirt: Urban Outfitters.  Jeans: H&M.  Boots: A gift from my friend Kimmi.  :)  Photos by Jeremy Osborn. 
I have a bad case of the Monday blues today.  I was so warm and cozy in bed this morning with my dogs and my husband and I just did not want to get up and go to work!  My cure for the Monday blues?   A healthy breakfast and a cute outfit!  Blueberries, soy latte’ and two boiled eggs: check!  A comfy cute plaid button up, my favorite jeans and tall boots: double check!
My husband called this a “sexy cowgirl” outfit, so I’m going to go with that.  It goes pretty well with my red curls, right? 
On that note, I’ve kind of decided that this red is going to be my signature hair color.  I am supper happy with how much it brightens up my light skin and shows off my greenish blue eyes.  I still can’t decide if I should grow it out or cut it all off (I am supper jonesing for super short hair!), but at least I have finally decided on a color I want to stick with for more than an hour.



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