Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All About Leggings: Part Two!

I got to do another photo shoot with my friend Jenn this weekend and I decided to use this opportunity to show off three different outfits that incorporated leggings with ridding boots.  

First of all, a rule to live by when wearing leggings: always make sure your bum is covered and you are good to go.  Ladies, leggings aren’t pants! They look awesome under dresses or a long shirt, but please understand that no matter how hot you body is or what size you wear, leggings by themselves just give the world way too much information; including but not limited to: the color of your undies, the fact that you aren’t wearing undies, camel toe, every lump and bump on your behind (skinny girls, this includes you!).  

Okay rant over.  As you may have read, I love leggings, and these supper soft ones from the GAP are my favorite, but they are a bit expensive if you don't shop sales (which, of corse, I do). Target also has some nice ones for a decent price.  

To make the look more sexy than darling, and a bit more casual, leggings look awesome under a long shirt.  Just make sure you can lift your arms above your head and still keep covered before you leave the house.  It never looks nice to be pulling on your clothes all night in order to ensure that all your bits and pieces are covered. 

The first outfit I wore for the photo shoot was my very favorite dress of all time.  To me, this Urban Outfitters dress is just so perfectly flattering and special.  I always feel like it was just made for me!  I live in fear of the day when this dress starts to fall apart, but I don’t let that keep me from wearing it.  I used to have a tendency to “save” my best stuff for a special occasion- but now I try to remember that clothes were meant to be worn!  This dress is so pretty, but it also has a casual easy going look to it that makes it incredibly wearable. 

My second outfit consists of a Modcloth dress with a pattern of little baby deer covering it.  This dress is completely un-fussy and simply pulls on and ties in the back.  It is lightweight, but even in the summer I don’t think I would wear it without leggings because it is a bit short and flimsy.  It is perfect for layering in the fall and winter though!  

My last outfit of the day is a long GAP top, with a target tank underneath.  I bought his top to wear with leggings, but when I did the arms test, it was too short, so the long tank makes the outfit work.  I am also wearing an Urban Outfitters bowler to top the outfit off.  This is the outfit I wore for the rest of the day after the shoot to hang out with my husband and pick up groceries.  I don’t think you need to dress up every day; it just makes life a little bit more fun for me.  :)

Thanks Jenn for the beautiful photos!  As usual, I had a great time doing my photo shoot and I’m already looking forward to the next one!  


  1. You look so freaking cute in all of these photos!! I know you just cut your hair, but your hair looks great at this length too! You rock it all! <3333 Mandy

  2. Aww thanks! It’s so cool that you checked out my blog since I am loving yours! You have such cute style!!! I haven’t cut my hair yet- that is just an old picture from when my hair was short. :) maybe I’ll wait a while longer…