Monday, March 31, 2014

Flowers for Spring- Birthday Tea!

Wow, what a great birthday weekend I had!  First I celebrated with my lovely sister and step-mom at the St. James Tea Room, then we got pedicures.   After that, I had a movie night with friends that was super fun and reminding me yet again what awesome people I have in my life.  It couldn't have been a better day. 
Here are some photos from my tea date with my family.  My sis was wearing an Emily and Fin Dress from Modcloth. 

Aren't my step-mom and sister cute?  My Step-mom looks so great in this cobalt blue! 

Here I am making a pretty goofy face, which is my natural state. 
I wore a made-by-me tea dress, my green Antropologie cardigan that I got from my step-mom for Christmas, and jewelry that my sister had given me for Christmas.  Do they know me, or what?  :)
And here are the details of my dress if you are interested: I will be making one custom dress of this style for my upcoming Etsy site, but I am keeping this one.  It's pretty simple, but the bright orange chiffon flowers add a little touch of whimsy that I love.  Perfect for spring tea parties, right? 

I hope everyone is well today.  I am feeling great after having such a lovely and relaxing weekend.  The second part of my birthday adventures was a lovely date with my hubby on Sunday.  More on that this afternoon.  Happy Monday!

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