Monday, March 31, 2014

Stylish Surprise #1- Mint and Navy Shift

You may know of my deep and undying love for Modcloth. What could be better than a whole site devoted to modern interpretations of retro clothes? The fact that they have great customers service, offer a wide range of sizes, and allow and encourage customer feedback making the buying process that much more lovely only intensify my love. 

A few times a year, Modcloth gets extra crazy awesome and has a really amazing sale.  During these sales, I have purchased dresses for as low as 13 dollars.  But the most wonderful thing that ever happens on Modcloth is their "Stylish Surprise".  What is a Stylish Surprise?  You may ask.  Put simply, it is a grab bag for grown-ups.  You send Modcloth $15, and they send you a piece of clothing of their choosing, no returns or refunds.  This year, the grab bag was actually lowered to $10, although I can't imagine why they lowered the price.  The Stylish Surprises are gone within two days, every single time. 

I have participated in this sale four times.  The first time I got a pink shirt that was too small and a blue dress that was too big.  Such is the nature of a grab bag.  The second time, I got a beautiful polka dot dress that was just slightly too big, some green shoes that weren't quite me, and a statement necklace (for only $5) that I wear all of the time.  The third time I got one white dress that was not quite my style, a pair of flip-flops, some crazy gold heals (which I will wear someday when I figure out how), and another white dress/ top that is now a wardrobe staple. 

This time however takes the cake.  I decided to get five items, and they actually arrived on my birthday! I got four dresses and one really great sweater.  One of the dresses isn't quite me but is very beautiful and will go to a good home.  The other three dresses are items I wouldn't have necessarily picked out for myself, but actually fit really nicely and look great on me.

Without further adieu, here we have Stylish Surprise #1.  It is a mint and navy shift, with tiny heart cut outs in the fabric.  I never would have picked this out on my own, but it is crazy how perfectly this dress actually fits my style.  I wore it on a birthday date night with my husband, and he loved it!

On my own, I do not choose great date dresses.  I tend to go for full skirts, long pencil skirts, or dresses that are slightly larger on me when I buy or make clothes.  But Jer prefers me in dresses that show off my shape an hug my curves.  All of the dresses that I got through this Stylish Surprise challenge my usual uniform without being out of my comfort zone.  Lucky or what? 

Sounds pretty great right?  Here is the catch about the Stylish Surprise.  Don't bother if you don't have a pretty wide comfort zone.  Although people go crazy for this sale, I see a lot of people posting about their disappointment that they didn't get something they liked on Modcloth's Facebook page.  Truthfully, the belly aching makes me a little squeamish.  What did you expect from a grab bag?  It's a gamble.  If you don't like what you got, you can try to trade it (there is a Stylish Surprise swap after each sale) sell it, or give it away.  But don't whine about it.  Especially when you only paid 10 bucks an item this time!  Personally this sale is tailor made for me since I am pretty adventurous style wise. But if you are pretty rigid in what you like, I would say skip it.  Please.  The more for me! 

Okay, rant over.  I also wanted to show of my new birthday earrings that my friend Stevie gave me, and my new birthday headband I got from my friend Jessica.  I'm getting a little better at accessorizing, right?  I'm trying.  :)

I'll have more Stylish Surprise reveals to come in the next few days.  How do you challenge yourself style wise?  Have you ever been proven wrong about a shape that you didn't think worked for you? 


  1. So glad you like the earrings and I'm LOVING this dress on you. The color is perfect and you look so cute in it!

    1. Thanks friend! I thought the earrings went really well with this dress! :) I felt really cute, but it was a little more form-fitting than I usually go for, so I was a little out of my comfort zone. It is amusing that this qualifies as sexy in my house, but I guess you have to start somewhere!