Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stylish Surprise #2- Red Lace Shift

Here is my second Stylish Surprise from this round.  This dress is absolutely beautiful, and I am so glad it found it's way to me.  I can imagine that this dress wouldn't be everyone style, so I am extra glad that I got it as it would have been wasted on a less adventurous girl.

In person, this color is a little orange/ red.  It's pretty crazy how much red I own actually.  After green and mint, I'd say it is my go-to color.  This dress is just a tiny bit short when I sit down, but my body does tend to make that happen.  Girls with booties and hips, you know what I am talking about.  It also came with this little cream velvet ribbon as a belt.  I wore it with born saddles (to show off my birthday pedicure) and a necklace my sister made back in college.  Super cute right?

I wore this to work, which may have been sort of a mistake since it is a little short.  You live, you learn.  From now on, it will become strictly a date dress since my husband went crazy for it.  I think it may be his new favorite dress on me!  Again, my Stylish Surprise fairy is encouraging me to show off my curves a bit more.  This is also Jer's favorite way for me to wear my hair.  If only we had had money for a date night after work!  Oh well, such is life. 

I have two more stylish surprises to share before this saga is through.  I am so addicted, I can't wait until they have the sale again!

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