Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stylish Surprise #4: The Work Appropriate Shift

Here we have my last Stylish Surprise from this round of Stylish Surprises!  It is by far the most flattering of the bunch with an amazing fit.  It is yet another shift, but the darts in the front of the dress help to define my waist and make the shape of my body stand out in a lovely way.  It also has a hidden side zipper so that the dress can have an even more contoured shape without being fussy in any way.  The engineering behind this simple shift is basically perfect.  It doesn't pucker around my breasts or strain to contain my hips.  It doesn’t become too short when I sit down.  It doesn't hug my tummy or call for restrictive undies to help the dress keep its shape.  It has a soft lining that keeps the intricate lace detailing from becoming itchy against my skin.  It is simply lovely, yet also conservative enough to wear to work.  

Even though this dress isn't 100% me and I might not have picked it out on my own, my guess is that I will wear this dress like crazy.  It is just too comfy not to grab a few times a month.   That is the fun part of the Stylish Surprise.  It challenges me to try new things and not just stick with my usual color scheme and silhouette.  Admittedly, I have gotten items in the past that were so far out of my comfort zone or just plain did not fit that I didn't end up wearing or keeping.  That’s okay.  To me, it was worth the rush of opening that box of surprises and figuring out whether or not I could pull them off.  I like to challenge myself with styling, and I like to figure out how to make something that isn't in my comfort zone look totally purposeful.  I have always enjoyed making clothes my own and trying new things.  The Stylish Surprise is perfect for that.  I really cannot wait for the next round!!!

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