Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stylish Surprise #3- Slouchy Sweater

As usual I've been sewing and sewing, but somehow not remembering to get photos of the finished products.  Hopefully I will get a few shots this weekend to share with you next week.  It's really sad, but I make an average of six items a month, and am on top of my game if I post one.  Sigh.  I promise to get better at this. 
In the meantime, here we have Stylish Surprise #3- the slouchy sweater.  I have already worn this sweater several different ways, and in fact, I am wearing it right now.  I absolutely love it.  It is like a wearable blanket.  I have a feeling I will be over-wearing it in the future, but that is a risk I am willing to take. 
This is how I styled it last week.  I wore it with a knit hat (forever 21), a green blouse that I got for $5 years ago from The Limited, Anthropologie cords, and nude heals.  It is warming up here, but I still need a little cardi when I leave the house.  This sweater does the trick quite nicely! 

I wear this hat a bit too often.  I need to find a few more just like it but in different colors.  Really, I'm sure a quick trip to Forever 21 would prove fruitful. 

Only one Stylish Surprise left to share!  I haven't been as motivated to dress up lately, and that is a shame.  I haven't been feeling great, which tends to lead to me not feeling up to bothering.  The silly part is, dressing up would probably cheer me up!  Another thing I vow to get better at.   

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