Friday, March 28, 2014

Outfit Post- 1940's Modern

Soooo...while I had cherry red hair for all of five minutes this month (more on that to come), I wore this great rayon dress from Modcloth.

While cotton is my favorite fabric to wear and sew with thanks to its strength, breathable, ability to create a structured shape on the body, and over-all look, rayon has it's strong points too!

For example, rayon holds it's shape very well with minimal stretching, has a lovely soft drape, and the fabric colors do not fade badly over time.  It also mimics silk nicely, but is far easier to clean. 

This rayon dress in particular is quite lovely with it's strong shoulders and nipped-in waist.  The cross-over top is the most flattering shape for me, and I have been sewing a lot of dresses lately that have a similar look.  I also really like the short, kimono style sleeves.  And of course, hello pockets!  This dress looks perfectly modern, but there is definitely a 1940's vibe there as well.  You know I love that.  :)

Even though I try to make most of my clothes these days, or buy vintage when I find something too good to pass up, there is still an appeal to wearing ready made pieces like this.  There is also an appeal to owning pieces that inspire me and help me further developed my personal style without getting stagnant. 

Hair clip, Anthropologie. 
Tomorrow is my birthday, and I will be unveiling my newest me-made creation.  Get ready because I am very excited about this one.  Happy Friday everyone! 

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