Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blue Crepe

I made a dress for my sister-in-law and friend Willow last weekend.  She ordered the fabric and had it sent to my house (she lives in Manhattan) and it got in while I was on my business trip last week. 
The fabric she ordered is certified hippy friendly organic cotton and it was just gorgeous soft and teal (my favorite color)!  The problem was that it had a lot of stretch to it, and I have never worked with stretchy fabric before and I wasn’t too excited to practice my skills for the first time using expensive fabric that someone else paid for. 

The fabric.
The stretch did present challenges, but the finished product looks great!  The hardest thing was cutting out the fabric, as it would stretch when I needed it to be still, making me afraid that the pieces wouldn't be the same size and wouldn’t fit together right.  I was also unsure about sizing since I don’t have her here for the fitting.  I also didn't know if I would need to adjust the pattern to allow for extra stretch while wearing. 
The dress after it was cut out, before it was sewn together.
So, I am still a bit nervous that it isn't going to fit right, but luckily she chose the wrap dress (the Crepe that I have blogged about before) which allows for a little bit of leeway between sizes because you can simply wrap it tighter or more loosely to adjust the fit. 
This is for sure the nicest fabric that I have ever worked with, and it shows.  The finished product looks the least hand made of any of my dresses that I have made so far.  I will want to buy some of this fabric for myself someday, maybe for a fall dress since it feels so cushy and warm. 

The finished dress- front view.  

Back view.

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