Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Jasmine

I made my first shirt!  Okay, I made a peasant blouse in high school, but that was a looooooong time ago so it doesn't count.

This is my version of the "Jasmine".

Front view.

Back view.
You can find the pattern here:

This, again, was a "beginner" pattern, but I found it to be pretty tricky!  In fact, I never really figured out exactly how to do the cuff on the sleeve right, so I kind of made it up and it turned out just fine.  The directions that came with the pattern were very clear, I'm just too green to really get everything just right yet, and that is okay.


I made this shirt out of the left-over material from the Hazel dress, and I just almost had enough.  So, I improvised and made the back of the collar out of some teal material I had laying around.  Personally, I think that it made the shirt look even cooler!   

Contrasting back of collar.  

Contrasting loop to mach back collar.  
I am very pleased with this pattern and plan on using it again and again.  It was a great way to make something awesome with very little fabric.  Meaning that I will have a use for the bits of scrap that are left over from other dresses.  Yay!

There is also a second version of this shirt that ties in a bow at the front of the collar.  I am looking forward to trying that too!

So, I know I can make dresses and shirts.  Now I am working my way up to making shorts and then (gulp) pants.

I also really want to learn how to make myself swimsuits.  Ahhhh!  So many things to make and so little time!

Seriously though, I have made so many things at this point that I haven't even had time to wear them all yet!  Maybe I aught to take a sewing beak for a bit...yeah right.  I'm having too much fun!  

Close-up shot to show detail.  

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