Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Pin-Up Girl Moment

I am by no means fat, but when I look in fashion magazines, watch TV or rent a movie, I am hard pressed to find a woman with something close to my shape that isn't dubbed "the wacky chubby friend", if anyone over 115 pounds is represented at all (which we are generally not).  This can be depressing, and more than a little deflating to a girl like me who wants nothing more than to see average sized women represented as beautiful, or even just normal and acceptable, in the media. 

After years of fighting my natural shape, I made peace with it and even learned to like it (a huge accomplishment for a woman, I am sad to say) around the time I meet my husband.  It's hard to wish you were skinny when you find someone who loves your curves!  Contrary to the popular opinion that breasts and bums are the enemy of fashion, I think that curvy bodies look great in skinny jeans and make dresses fit like a dream.  I have learned that if you can't find external inspiration from the media, you need to learn to inspire yourself.  

Still, every May I start to sweat at the thought of hanging out half naked by the pool in a skimpy bikini, or worse yet, a one piece that covers but also smashes.  Finding a well fitting swimsuit has long been a quest of mine, the goal being to find one that compliments (not hides) my unique shape (we all have one!).     

Every single year, I long to swim but dread putting on a bathing suit.  Not this year!  This year I found the perfect suit, and although it didn't come cheep, it was worth every penny.  I believe in bargain hunting and sale shopping in almost every case, but I have come to believe that there are two things worth splurging on: a great fitting swimsuit, and pretty well made underwear (a post for another day).  Finding the perfect swimsuit that fits just right and makes you feel your best can be the difference between hiding under your towel all summer and letting yourself shine. 

This suit from Anthropologie not only offered great bust support (a dream come true!), but it also made my tummy and legs look their best. I have never felt so good about myself in a swimsuit.  I wish I could have one in every color!  

So this is what 140 pounds (give or take a few) looks like in a great swimsuit.  Too hot for Hollywood maybe?  ;)

But seriously, I was looking cute, right?  No need to answer.  A happy girl is a pretty girl, and I was so so happy being out in the sun by the ocean in this perfect swimsuit.  My advice is, no matter what your weight, size or shape, and no matter what the media is telling you you are supposed to look like, rock what you got, be happy, and never shy away from the sun and sand.  Finding YOUR perfect suit can be a challenge, but it is worth it if it makes you feel as divine as I felt wearing mine.  


  1. I love your swimsuit and you look great in it! I have about the same weight as you and it's lovely to see how fabulous you look in your swimsuit.

    I too like my curves (though one day more then the other :) ) and just like you I struggle to find inspiration. I must say that all of those sewing blogs inspire me more then the regular magazines because they show that women in all sizes and shapes can look great in well fitting clothes.

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    2. Wow, Ingemaakt- your comment meant so much to me because that is the exact reason I started this blog! I can’t read your blog (ignorant American who can only read one language here) but I put it in my Blooger news feed anyway so I can keep up with you through your photos. :) I feel the same way you do about Blogs verses Magazines. Real healthy sized women are beautiful and inspiring!

  2. haha well my blog is in Dutch so I don't expect you to understand :) sometimes when I read foreign blogs I use a translating tool.

    I think that every woman who is happy with herself is beautiful. And in the end, does weight or size really means that much, isn't it more important that one is healthy, happy and surrounded with people who they love and can laugh with :)

    p.s. thank you for your comment on my blog too!