Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall makeover!!!

Okay, yes I finally got sick of the blonde, but who ever thought I would last five whole months with the same hair color???  Here is the last picture ever with me with blonde hair.

Honesty, I loved the blonde, but it was destroying my hair so it was time to let it go.  Still, I will never forget my summer of platinum!

Not only did I need a new color, but I was also ready for a new cut.  Hey, I wouldn't be me unless I was changing it up, right?  So at around 10 PM last night, I took the scissors and started cutting and went to bed feeling a little weary of what I had done.  How do I feel about the cut tonight?  Great!  I think I did a pretty rockin' job for a at home cut and color, and it feels good to have my hair in a pixie again.

The one thing I am not too sure about yet is the color.  I started out trying to go a bit lighter and got this:

But it was kind of murky and weird, so I ended up going deeper red and then cutting it.  This is what it looked like last night...

And here I am today!  

Ultimately I want to go dark brown, but getting rid of the blonde is almost as hard as getting it light enough in the first place.  It needs a base color so that the blonde doesn't show through and make it look dull once I go dark.  Still- I regret nothing!  Haha!

I also wanted to show off this dress I got from Etsy.  Sorry for the terrible bathroom photos, but isn't it cute?  I got it from 


along with another dress that I haven't blogged about yet.  When I got the dress, it had longer sleeves 
that belled outat the bottom but they weren't my favorite so I turned them into three quarter sleeves.  Isn't this a 
great dress for the Fall?   

PS- I want this coat from the same Etsy shop (as well as a million other things).  Isn't this so me?  LOVE!



  1. The brownish hair colour suits you , a lot ! :)