Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Cloche

The 1920’s have a special place in my heart, even though I can’t really pull off the shapeless dresses designed for the coveted boyish body of the period (trust me I have tried and will try again!). 
No, for me, the 20’s were all about two things: hats and hair. 
The posh fashion forward gals of the 1920’s bobbed their hair, not only as a fashion statement, but a statement about who they were and what they stood for.  Bobbed hair was a huge departure from the fussy styles that preceded it, most needing at least one second pair of hands to accomplish. Shorn hair was all about being modern and free.  After all, a man could still divorce his wife because she cut her hair during that time!  To have short hair was a statement about ownership over one’s self.  It was about showing that you were changing with the times.  It was about movement when dancing, and the freedom to go out for a night on the town without spending hours and hours setting and styling your hair before you did.  My love affair with short hair doesn’t end in the 1920’s bob, but it is sure a lovely place to start. 
The cloche hat was specifically designed to look great on top of a bobbed haircut.  It was worn close to the head, with just the fringes of the hair peeking out.  In fact, I find that if my hair is any longer than my chin, the hat simply does not look right.  You can put your hair in a tight low bun (which was also done), but it is pretty uncomfortable (in my opinion-not that I have had hair that was long enough to try this with for a while). 
I currently own two modern versions of the cloche hat, and I absolutely adore them.  The first is my favorite hat I own, and I have blogged about it before here.  It is made of felt and a large ribbon, and it is from Urban Outfitters.  I have had this hat for many years, but it is a stand by that I will never get sick of.
The second is from Anthropologie, and I am wearing it today.  Honestly, I wear this hat most often when I simply don’t have time to deal with my hair in the morning, which was the case today.  It looks lovely dressed up, but I also think it looks pretty great dressed down with this Forever 21 jacket that I have had for years. 
Sadly, most women no longer consider a hat a necessary part of their daily ensemble.   While I concede that Hats are not for everyone, and I know most people tell me that they are simply not “hat people”, I feel that it is more out of fear than anything else.  A hat is a pretty bold fashion statement, but it doesn’t have to be scary to try wearing a hat out!  As with all fashion, if you look confident and sure of your style choices then you will look great! 
Maybe the cloche isn’t for you, but I encourage the bold fashion lover to try finding a hat that does suit you.  It can be a wonderful accessory, statement piece, or just a lifesaver when you are running late.
As always, have fun with fashion!  It isn’t important enough to stress out about.  Who knows?  You might be holding yourself back by telling yourself that it is too risky to try something new.    

PS- I am still loving my new cut!  The color…not so much.  However, I knew what I was getting into with the blonde, and I am sure that it will be several months before I can get any color to stick nicely to what is left of the bleached hair.  Oh well!  One last pixie before I grow my hair out again.  I have been craving one anyway, every time I catch a glimpse of Mary Margret’s boyish pixie on Once Upon A Time.  Sigh.  I love seeing short haired ladies on TV!

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