Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Golden Afternoon

The truth is that I actually dress up pretty much every day in real life, not just for the blog.  :)  Here are some shots of me on a picnic near Abiquiu NM a few weeks ago, in an old favorite GAP dress that my sister gave me about 6 or even 7 years ago for Christmas.  It is made of cotton jersey, but it has a 1940's feel created by the subtle ruffles that start on the front of the bodice and end up acting as sleeves. It is black with tiny white polka dots covering it.  So cute!  Most importantly, this dress is still as beautiful as the day I got it!  Not a lot of items of clothing can stand the test of time the way GAP clothing do. Also, hand washing and keeping clothes out of the dryer improves their life span immeasurably and this dress is proof of that!  

I am also wearing black leggings and my favorite scarf, a gold one from my sis (again) from a few years ago.  Both from Target, another store that makes really quality, long lasting clothes.  I was just there recently and I wanted so many things!!! 

If I look like I was having fun it is because I was!  Welcome fall fun, and welcome fall fashion!  

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