Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Part One: The Goat Dress

I used to think it was best to start a sewing project and see it through to the end.  Then I realized that forcing myself to finish a project that was frustrating me lead to mistakes, rushed finished products and sewing becoming a chore.  I sew for fun, it is not a job, so when a project starts being less than fun, I put it away and start a new one until the mood strikes me to start up on it again.  Having fresh eyes can help a lot!

This has lead to me having a lot of half started projects, but that is okay.  I put all of the pieces of the unfinished items in freezer bags so that I don't lose anything, and put them out of site until I am ready to try again.  This is my process, and I'm not saying it is the best way to do it, it is just my way of doing it.  There is no right or wrong way to execute a hobby, which is part of the fun!

Right now, I am in the middle of several projects, but the most promising ones that I have started (for myself-I have a few started for other people too) are my first pair of pants (gasp!), my first non-beginner, "intermediate" level dress (double gasp!), a wrap dress (the Goat Dress), and a crazy party dress that I am designing myself (mostly).  I am excited about all of them, but I wanted to blog about the last two today.

First, here is my third attempt at Colette Patterns Crepe dress. It is still a work in progress- but it is really coming along nicely.  :)

Front of dress- the funny red and gold peaking out of the top is my new Party Dress underneath the Goat Dress on the dress form.  

Back of dress.  
My first attempt at the Crepe was a purple muslin I made out of broadcloth (gave it to my little sister this summer).  I blogged about it here: http://notyouraverageaverage.blogspot.com/2012/05/here-is-my-newest-creation-these.html

It came out great, but I wasn't super inspired to try another one until I tried making one for my friend Willow this summer.  I tried using stretch material for the first time, and made it way too big for her. She lives in NY, so fitting was a little difficult, but really the problem was my inexperience using stretch fabrics.  I was pretty disappointed and it made me want to give up on the pattern for the time being. I blogged about that dress here: http://notyouraverageaverage.blogspot.com/2012/05/blue-crepe.html

Since then, I haven't been super inspired to try using this pattern again...until now.

I got this fabric at an amazing fabric sale the last time I was in my home town of Portland Oregon, and it has been waiting for a project to come along that was worthy of it ever since.  When I got the idea to use it for this wrap dress, I was skeptical  but decided to go for it.  The results (so far) are awesome!  This cotton fabric is very stiff and heavy which creates a completely different look than any of my other attempts.  I also shortened the dress quite a bit, which I feel makes it more wearable for my not so super tall frame.  It isn't quite done yet, but so far, I am very proud of how it is turning out.  It is actually inspiring me to try this pattern again, when I thought that it might be retired after my last failure in fitting.

P.S.- I named it the Goat Dress because the pattern has all of these little lambs and goats on it.  So cute!

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