Friday, October 11, 2013

Live to Dye Another Day

So, I'm getting bored.  Yes, I am totally committed to growing my hair out, but not making any changes is making me feel pretty restless.  To understand my addiction to changing my hair, please understand that all of these photos were taken in the last five years, and this doesn't even cover half of the hair changes I have made in that time.  These are somewhat in order, but to be honest, when you change your hair this much, it is hard to remember exactly when you cut it, dyed it or changed up your bangs:

Personally I think everyone looks best with bangs (you just have to know which kind of bangs are right for you), but I have decided not to cut mine and keep growing them out (soooo hard!!!!), mostly because I have spent most of my life with bangs and not having them would be one of the biggest changes of all for me.  But not dying my hair has been a little more of a challenge.  A part of me wants to see how long I can go without adding color, but it is so so hard not to rely on a box of dye to fix a bad day.  I miss my monthly (practically) makeover!  

For now, I am staying strong, and keeping the chemicals off of my hair, but it really is a challenge not to do SOMETHING.  I'm hopping by the beginning of the year my hair will be long enough to try some new styles, and that will help curb my makeover addiction.  But seriously folks, this is like torture!  Any other haircut/ color addicts in the house?  How do you ward off temptation?  
 Me with my natural color; hair growing longer; staying strong.  

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