Sunday, October 6, 2013

Easy Fall Pencil Skirt

Here in Albuquerque, the Balloon Fiesta never fails to bring in the cold weather.  I hate to be cold, but I love fall clothes!
Shoes and barrette, Anthropologie.  Scarf, Urban Outfitters.  Coat was a gift.  
Just in time for fall, I made this quick and lovely pencil skirt from Gerties New Book for Better Sewing.  This is a great book, but I wouldn't recommend it to beginners.  Unless you want to get it for inspiration like I did! Some of the patterns are fairly simple (like this pencil skirt) while others are more complicated, but the book's instructions and design were created under the assumption that it's reader has some prior sewing experience. The best part about the book is that the patterns are so true to size, and sized specifically for hourglass or pear shaped girls, which is perfect for me!  The worst part of the book is that the patterns are printed overlapping each other, which is a huge pain in the butt when you go to trace them.  I heard a rummer that the pattern in Gertie's second book will be made on pattern paper.  Here's hoping!  

Tank, Target.  The beaded necklace was a gift.  Skirt, by me!!!

I have only had tried a few patterns from this book so far, but I have really loved the results.  This pencil skirt pattern is amazing!  I tried it once before here: Pencil Skirt with equally lovely results.  While my first skirt was lined, this skirt is unlined and made out of a thin wool blend.  I made it in a matter of hours.

I am sure this is not my last pencil skirt this season.  They are just so quick to sew, and make such great additions to my Fall wardrobe.  I love the high waist that this pattern provides.  It creates such a lovely silhouette!  But my guess is that most pencil skirt patters are pretty consistently easy and awesome.  I guess I'll find out when I try By Hand London's pencil skirt some time this Fall.  

Are you ready for Fall?  Don't you just love Fall fashion?  :) 


  1. I love that your fall fashion isn't oversized cardigans, leggings, and scarves. Mine is at all times when I am not in public, and even then I sometimes give in...

    1. Confession time Stevie.. I LOVE oversized cardigans, leggings, and scarves! I just love pencil skirts too. Fall is all about leggings and big sweaters. Own it.