Monday, October 7, 2013

Party dress- Butterick Pattern 5949

So, this dress turned out amazingly beautiful!  Introducing Butterick pattern 5949.
I wore this dress to my grandfathers 94th birthday party is Santa Barbra California two weeks ago, and I felt lovely despite the fact that I was going through some major tooth issues including a recently pulled tooth, and a completely separate untreated abscessed tooth.  Yes, I was in horrible pain all week (including during my trip to Disneyland), but I made the best of it and managed to have fun in between uncontrollable crying fits (no joke).   

So anyway, this dress is amazing, and was relatively easy and quick to make.  I have no idea what this fabric is, but it is most likely synthetic.  I love how I made  the waist out of completely different material than the body of the dress.  The two textures look so great together and make the dress even more interesting.  I will have to get more pictures of this dress the next time I wear it (the zipper is bubble gum pink), and I am sure you will see it again soon when I make my next version.  I absolutely recommend this pattern!  

Here I am with my loving husband and my wonderful grandpa.  It really was a lovely trip despite the tooth torture.  


  1. Thank you sooo much for this post! I want to make this dress over the week-end and there isn't a single review on Pattern Review so I am glad to see your version. Question: did you make your usual Big4 size or not? It looks so shapeless on the envelop, I am a bit worried. TIA for your answer!

    1. I’m glad you found my version! I usually start a pattern by serching the internet for others interpretations, and I hate when I can’t find any! I’m not quite sure what you mean by big4. I’ll check the pattern tonight and let you know what size I went with if that helps you. I do always need to size down quite a bit with Butterick patterns. I’m pretty sure I went with a size 14 (my My measurements 34D-29-41 for reference), and I didn’t have to alter it at all to make room for the girls or my hips. It fits closely and is not shapless at all! Just as a side note: I put the detailed sleeve on the opposite side as the pattern called for in case you were wondering. I can’t wait to see yours when it is done!

    2. Ok, trying again after the internet ate my previous reply. By Big4, I meant the US envelop patterns like Butterick, Vogue, McCall`s and Simplicity though they all belong to the one McCall`s company. And I do have to size down myself, to a 10 or an 8 so I will check the measurements. I am making mine out of purple poly crepe because I live in a country plagued by energy shortages so the less ironing needed, the better. I`ll be sure to send you the links to my post and review. Thanks again!

    3. Oh duh! I should have known what you meant by big4! So with some big4 patterns, I have to size down practically to a size zero, but with Butterick it is usually one or two sizes down from what the envelope says. With this pattern, I only had to go one size down to the size 14, and I didn’t have to make any alterations. However, I am a little busty and very hippy. I hope that helps! I am really excited to see what you come up with! I can’t wait. :) I’m going to check out your blogs today. Good luck!