Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Non-Boring Neutrals

Whenever I hear someone say, “oh, that color doesn't look good on me,” my mind is boggled. I love yellow, mustard, pea green and pretty much all of the colors that my friends think make them look sickly. I confess, I felt so above it all, thinking to myself, “they must just be afraid of color” my nose metaphorically in the air. I thought I was immune to the clothes color prejudice. I would wear any color without even considering how it worked for my skin tone. But of course, whenever I feel high and mighty, reality rears its ugly head eventually. I finally realized that I too have colors I look like a re-animated dead body in. For me though, those colors happen to be what the rest of the world considers neutrals.

Yes, I love tan, brown and gray, and I wish they worked for me, but alas, they are not my friends. I love how other people can use neutrals as a base for their wardrobe, but when I wear them I end up looking like I am very worn out, or like I really should invest in a lot more make up.

The good news is that I can get away with some neutrals, as long as they are pretty dark. Navy and black are fine, even dark gray or brown. Oddly, white doesn't look great on me, but as long as I pair it with darker colors I can make it work, and sometimes I still wear tan despite the fact that it doesn't look very good on me, just because I like it. I live on the edge people!

On Monday, I played with neutrals for the office. The little splash of red really helps somehow! I like playing with color combinations that were forbidden when I was a teen growing up in the late 90's, like navy and black or brown and black. The rules are dead people! Live it up!
Shirt, hand-me-down (I cut the sleeves off). Skirt, Gap.  Leggings, Target.  The pin on shirt is a barrette from Forever 21.  Boots, ?.

Honestly though, my “neutrals” are teal, any green, and mustard. Hardly a day goes by when I am not wearing one of these colors. They work with pretty much everything I own.

Last week I wore this teal Anthropologie headband I thought about for months before buying before I realized that I needed to make the investment (and believe me, an Anthropologie headband IS an investment). It was a ridiculous purchase, but I know it is one that will get a ton of use. Teal goes with everything! Doesn't it? It does.
Headband, Anthropologie.  Shirt, Modcloth.  Earrings, gifted.  

Coat, gifted.  Scarf, Urban Outfitters.  

So, what are your un-boring “neutrals”? Do you have a signature color that you feel goes with everything?   

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