Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Outfit Post

I've been thinking that every Monday should be an outfit post day.  Why?  Because that is the day I ride into work with my husband, and therefore have a captive photographer! 
Today I wore this lovely blue and white (china pattern colors) dress that I have had for at least seven years.  I  got it in Old Town here in Albuquerque at a little boutique on the plaza.  Today I paired it with Soft brand boots (hand-me-down from a friend), grey Anthropologie fleece lined leggings, a necklace from Forever 21, earrings from my hubby, and a bracelet that was given to me by a friend.   I certainly get a lot of lovely gifts in my life!
This outfit reminds me that it is so important to take good care of your clothes.  I had a friend who once said, “'dry clean only' means: 'this item is never getting washed',” which was funny and so true!  I do make sure to re-were my dry clean only clothes (like this dress) at least twice before taking them in, which incidentally, also helps to extend the life of a garment.
Hint: If you have worn an item once and don’t want to forget, hang it up so that the hanger is facing the opposite way of your other hangers so that you will know to wash it the next time you wear it. 
Over washing your clothes, even hand washing and dry-cleaning too often, is very hard on them.  Unless you get sweaty or dirty during the day, you should always try to get an extra day out of an item.  With jeans you can go longer, although if they get stretched out by the end of the day, you might need to wash them right away to get the close fit back. 
Also, I really like my makeup this way.  A strong lip with no eye makeup looks so lovely and easygoing to me.  I know I look a bit prettier with a full face of makeup, but I always feel cooler when I use makeup sparingly.  Also, I got ready for work in like 20 minutes including shower, so I got to sleep in later.  I love being able to set up my life so that I can appear low maintenance to myself in the morning. 
As always, I’m here to teach you how to be lazier and dirtier.  You are welcome. 

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